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Voitto+ is a data set from Asiakastieto containing financial statements data from 210 000 Finnish companies, but excluding banks. An alternative for financial statements data for Finnish companies is the ETLA/Talouselämä 500 database. For Finnish securities there are two types of pricing and trading data.

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voitto+ -ohjelma

consisting of 4990 Finnish SME during a time-period of 2002-2012, gathered from Voitto+ database. Analysis is done by researching the leverage ratio as a function of firm specific attributes, which are hypothesized by capital structure theories, and using them as controlling variables in

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The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.

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GENDER EFFECT, FAMILY CHARACTERISTICS AND FIRM PERFORMANCE ON SUCCESSION DECISIONS - Evidence from Finnish Family Firms PURPOSE OF THE STUDY This thesis investigates the impact of family characteristics in corporate decision making and the consequences of these decisions on firm performance. The main

Financial performance of SMEs: impact of ownership structure

Koneen työpöydältä pitäisi nyt löytyä Voitto+-kuvake. Jos ei onnistu, ota yhteyttä (teppo.hjelt@tut.fi). Options-napin kautta saa otettua käyttöön esim. paikallisia tulostimia, jos haluaa tulostella taulukoita suoraan (voi olla, että tuo on jo oletuksenakin käytössä).

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VOITTO+ company information database. VOITTO+ company information database contains financial statements data for almost 200.000 active and over 8.000 non-active Finnish companies. Over 30 search criteria can be used to get comprehensive data on companies or company groups. You can find more information from users manual (pdf, in Finnish).

Financial performance of SMEs: impact of ownership - DeepDyve

voitto+ -ohjelma

The financial data were collected from the Voitto+ register and observations were made from 2000 to 2005. The authors employ panel data estimation and 2SLS methods in their analyses., – Results suggest that the ownership structure affects both the growth and the profitability of small private firms.

VOITTO+ company information database

voitto+ -ohjelma

Voitto+ löytyy Laurean S-verkkolevyasemalta kansiosta S:\Software\Voitto Plus\Voitto+. Palvelu käynnistetään ajamalla kansiosta löytyvä voitto.exe -tiedosto. Voitto+ on Laurean opiskelijoiden ja henkilökunnan käytettävissä. Etäkäyttö on mahdollista vain henkilökunnan työasemille kirjautumalla.

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voitto+ -ohjelma

You can find them on Voitto+. Voitto+ contains financial statements for the past 5 years. The data is updated once a year. Voitto+ service is provided by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. The database is available on campus workstations and VDI: open Start Menu, select icon Voitto-Yritystietokanta. Instructions on finding financial statements data on

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A new EU's accounting directive (2013/34/EU) focuses on the reliefs for financial statement disclosures of SMEs. Although directive 2013/34/EU is not taking a stand on cash flow preparation, in Finland a working group set by the Ministry of employment and economy has proposed that only large companies would be obliged to prepare cash flow statement as a part of financial statement.

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