Visuals & Music for Finland Pavilion

Linda Linko & Agent Pekka

Linda Linko has created the illustrations for the Finland Pavilion and  Not many illustrators take such a hands-on, thoughtful approach to their work as Helsinki-based Linda Linko (b.1979). Her love for hand-painted typography, experimental collage and mixed media is behind her a rare approach to the sometimes restricted world of graphic design. “I want to make my illustrations look joyful and carefree”, Linko says. 

Agent Pekka is an illustration agency that champions originality, creativity and craftsmanship.


Anima Boutique

Anima Boutique is responsible for the animations seen at the Finland’s MWC16 stand.

Anima Boutique is a modern production company that breaths life into digital and analogue animated content. It pushes the envelope of commercial animation with top notch visual design and awesome stories.

The animations are created by Eero Pitkänen, a multitalented designer and animator whose aesthetics often spring from mathematical order and algorithms.


Milla Viljamaa

The music that is heard at the Finland’s MWC16 stand is composed by a renowned composer Milla Viljamaa.

Milla Viljamaa (b. 1980) is a finnish musician, composer and producer known for her creative works in various fields ranging from folk, tango, rock, pop and chamber music to theatre, opera, ballet and film productions as well as different kinds of concerts. Her work as a composer received significant recognition when she was given The 2012 Teosto Prize from her solo album “Minne”.