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LED Conversion: Peli Versabrite II: In this howto the DoomMeister will show you how to swap the incadesent bulb in your Peli Versabrite II (flashlight) for an ultra bright LED. Best known for their waterproof equipment cases Pelican also manufacture some very fine torches (flashligh

PELI Products presents the 9600 LED Modular Light and its

peli ledI am now convinced that LED flashlights have made the grade to be used as primary duty flashlights and I am 110% sold on Pelican products. I plan to buy an extra 7060 and also the larger 8060 model full size LED duty flashlight as well. I also plan to buy a Pelican M9 and M11 too. I am definately sold on Pelican and love this flashlight!

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Bring fully portable, powerful, lighting to your workspaces without the use of a generator. PELI's rechargeable LED light towers are easy to set up and offer a safe-economic alternative to

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peli ledThe new Pelican Pro gear 1920 LED 120-lumen pen flashlight is designed with style and function in mind. Using readily available and included AAA batteries, these bright LED lights create a clean white beam. Long burn times combined with hi-lumen output make for an efficient lighting tool; the perfect personal light. From the Manufacturer

LED Conversion: Peli Versabrite II: 7 Steps

Die hochmodernen LED-Taschenlampen der Peli™ Lights Serie zeichnen sich durch ihre lange Lebens- und Brenndauer aus. Wie bei allen Taschenlampen von Peli™ sind die Gehäuse äußerst stabil. Korrosion und extreme Temperaturen können ihnen nichts anhaben. Sie eignen sich folglich ideal für den Outdoor-Bereich.

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peli ledAnd resistant, of course. There are the core features of the Peli 1910 and 1920 LED lights, created with style and function in mind. As tough-as-nails and water resistant, they provide bright illumination for glove compartments, travel bags, emergency kits, tool cases and anyone who needs a powerful and compact LED light at hand.

Light it up in style! Peli unveils the 1910 and 1920 LED

Online Store for Peli Products and Hardigg Roto-Pack Cases in Europe since 1999. Peli manufactures high-impact, watertight equipment Protector Cases and safety approved, technically advanced Flashlights.

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The PELI LED Penlight 1975Z0 and PELI LED Penlight 1975Z1 LED penlight. These compact and handy torches are designed for use in hazardous areas.

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Pelican Flashlights and Headlamps are the brightest LED lights.

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peli ledPELI™ 9600 LED Modular Light illuminates a clean, seamless beam spread without dark spots, while competitors’ lights produce a dull, uneven beam spread. The 9600 offers minimal light

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peli led2410 StealthLite™ Flashlight rechargeable flashlight safety certified for industrial use. Best LED flashlights with the most powerful LED light and lifetime warranty.

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